Saturday, August 13, 2005

I am impressed!

Most of the businesses I deal with on a regular basis are for the most part satisfactory. Except maybe local contractors, but that's a whole other story.

Well I've found one that truly impresses me, Blockbuster Online.

Recently I signed up for the $9.99 first month trial. I picked the first three movies I wanted on a Saturday. On Monday I had them.

I sent them back in the postpaid envelopes the following Tuesday. On Friday I had the next three movies from my list in my mailbox.

And for those emergency 'need a movie' nights, every month they give you two coupons for free movies at the local Blockbuster store.

With that kind of service I could probably get about two dozen movies per month. If only I had the time to watch them (maybe after the long, cold New York winter gets here).

I'm afraid the local video stores are not going to see much of me anymore... unless they let me pick out a movie online and deliver it to me... along with a pizza. Now that's an idea for a local business, isn't it?

Did I mention they have games too?

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1 comment:

Tex said...

If you do it right and live close to the return address, you can get close to 30 movies in a month. But you have to be diligent about it.