Thursday, March 08, 2007

So Atkins was right?

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The Journal of the American Medical Association is now backing the claims of the Atkins Diet. Seems they did some research that showed Atkins to be the most successful diet for losing excess weight.

Notice they didn't say it was a healthy diet, just good for losing weight. And for some people that's a good thing.

The real problem, (and Atkins does prove this) is people just eat too many carbs. Especially the wrong kind, refined and processed.

I agree with some of the experts that say use Atkins short term to get rid of the pounds. Then gradually incorporate healthy carbs back into your diet. Monitor your weight and take action if it changes. Cut back on the carbs again.

Even though another study showed that diet and calorie intake was the most important factor for weight loss, don't forget to exercise to get those benefits too.

My favorite low carb snack is Jerky. It's natural protein. I look for additive free and filler free jerky.

I get my organic jerky by the case here.

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