Saturday, March 05, 2005

This Month's Movies on the Spiritual Cinema DVD

In a mythical time in a mythical town, a boy, lured by a bright red bicycle, enters a mysterious barber's web, unclear as to the magic that awaits him. What develops is a relationship that fulfills both their destinies. A sweet film about courage, perseverance and the caring of a community. Written by Christopher Dodd. Directed by Michael Greenspan. [20 minutes, in English]

In this beautifully animated story, a little girl and her dog brave a long, blustery night alone in her room in their house on a hill. As the storm rages outside, she begins to look within and asks questions about life, death and everything in between. These youthful queries are the same questions we continue to seek answers to as adults - questions that seem to come to us most clearly when we are alone, waiting out the storms of life. Written & Directed by Michèle Lemieux. [10 minutes, in English]

The death of a close mutual friend threatens the sanctity of the one place on earth where J.T. and Hollis, in their 70's, feel most secure: their favorite fishing hole. A stark confession tests the boundaries of true friendship and a realization sparks the light of hope as they face the consequences of the choices they've made in life. Written by Matthew Porter. Directed by Joe O'Brien & Matthew Porter. [19 minutes, in English]

This feature length documentary is a special Circle presentation in tribute to the people most affected by the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia in December 2004. Join Buddhist nun Mai Chee Sansanee, the spiritual leader of Thailand, as we discover her amazing background, her philosophy, her spirit and her belief in the ever-blooming potential of each human on the planet. As part of The Circle community, your membership supports her tsunami relief efforts, which focus on the long-term rehabilitation of survivors and the education and nurturing of Thailand's orphaned children. Directed by Victoria Holt. [72 minutes, in English with some subtitles] INCLUDES AN EXCLUSIVE IN-STUDIO INTERVIEW WITH MAI CHEE SANSANEE, ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL SPIRITUAL LEADERS IN THE WORLD TODAY, AND FILMMAKER VICTORIA HOLT . [19 minutes]

In the first segment of this ongoing video diary, explore the origins of The Circle's premiere original production, Conversations With God. With author Neale Donald Walsch, producer/director Stephen Simon, screenwriter Eric de la Barre, creative consultant Viki King, and cinematographer Joao Fernandes. [7 minutes, in English]

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