Sunday, February 13, 2005

Will CODEX steal your freedom?

I got this in an email from a guy who makes it his business to report on supplements and business issues.

I only pass this on because, YES, I do think the drugs companies want to control this multi-billion dollar industry. As research shows the importance of nutrition in preventing many diseases, the importance of controlling these supplements means big bucks to some companies.

MarketWave Alert #46

If you just care about your health and your right to choose what supplements you use, please read the notice below. I know a lot of these kinds of warnings make their way through cyberspace all the time, and so many of them are overreactions or completely baseless that it's easy to get jaded and ignore them. Please don't ignore this one. This threat is very real. Although there are those who will claim this CODEX bill described here has a very slim chance of ever passing, I would not underestimate the lobbying power of the drug companies.

The massive public response to the FDA's last attempt to regulate dietary supplements is what got the DSHEA act passed in 1994. It's time to let them know once again how you feel about a Megadose of Vitamin C being declared a drug and quadrupling in price. As hard as it might be to believe that this could actually happen, do what I just did and check it out for yourself. It's scary what's going on right now under the radar of tens-of-millions of American consumers.

Please act now. The clock is ticking and time is almost up.

Len Clements
MarketWave, Inc.



Your right to choose your vitamin, mineral and other supplements may end in June of this year (2005).

After that U.S. supplements will be defined and controlled by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The CODEX ALIMENTARIUS (Food Code) is setting the supplement standard in all countries in the WTO. They will be enforced by the WTO and will over ride U.S. laws. The U.S. President and Congress agreed to this take-over when the WTO Treaty was signed. Violations are punished by WTO trade sanctions, CODEX drastically restricts vitamins, minerals, herbs and other supplements. CODEX met secretly in November, 2004 and finalized step 8 (the final stage),to begin implementation in June, 2005.

The CODE includes:

1) No supplement can be sold for preventive or therapeutic use.

2) Any potency higher than RDA (minimal strength) is a drug requiring a prescription and must be produced by drug companies. Over 5000 safe items now in health stores will be banned, terminating health stores as we now know them.

3) CODEX regulations become binding internationally.

4) New supplements are banned unless given very expensive CODEX testing and approval.

CODEX now applies to Norway and Germany, among others, where zinc tablets rose from $4 per bottle to $52. Echinacea (an ancient immune-enhancement herb) rose from $14 to $153 (both examples are now allowed by prescription only). They are now drugs! Vitamin C above 200mg, niacin above 32mg, vitamin B6 above 4mg are banned over-the-counter. No amino acids (arginine, lysine, camitine etc = essential amino acids!), essential fatty acids (omegas 3, 6, 9, etc), or other essential supplements such as DMEA, DHEA, CoQ10, MSM, beta-carotene, etc, are allowed.

The CODEX rules are not based on real science. They are made by a few people meeting in secret not necessarily scientists. In 1993 the FDA and drug corporations tried to put all supplements under restriction and prescription. But over 4 million Americans told Congress and the President to protect their freedom of choice on health supplements. The DSHEA Law was passed in 1994, which does so. But this will be over ruled by CODEX and the World Trade Organization.

Virtually nothing about it has been in the media. What the drug corporations have failed to do through Congress they have gotten by sneak attack through CODEX with the help of a silent media. What can be done at this late hour?

1) Spread the word as much as possible. Please look at these websites, and inform yourselves fully at,, and

2) Oppose bills S.722 and H.R.3377. These support the CODEX restrictions with U.S. laws, changing the DSHEA law.

3) Support H. R. 1146 which would restore the sovereignty of the U.S. Constitution over CODEX.

4) Express your wishes to the President, Senators and Representatives ASAP.

5) Contact health marketing groups that can get their members to inform the government.

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